Tero Hynynen is a health and wellbeing specialist, with a knack for various tools aimed at consciousness evolution.

Born in Finland in 1977, Tero spent part of his early childhood in Iraq, where he was exposed to a global community. This sparked a lifelong interest in other people and cultures. With a background in nursing, Tero used to work in Neurosurgery Intensive Care in Helsinki for 11 years. Tero also holds a degree in nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, and LogoArt, which is a combination of Steinerian art therapy and Viktor Frankl's existential psychotherapy.


An avid fan of C. G. Jung, Tero began his independent exploration into Analytical Psychology in the mid 90s. This coincided with his desire to look deeper into the Tarot: Tero had received his first tarot pack in 1990, but after a few years he wanted to move beyond fortune-telling. A love for martial arts lead Tero to relocate in 2012 to China, where he spent nine months focusing on Tai Chi, Qigong and Kung Fu. Since 2013 Tero has been teaching both groups and private students, working with community centres and corporate clients alike. Another "wellbeing tool" in his box is Mudra Yoga, which is Yoga for arms, hands and fingers. 


In the present day, Tero calls himself 'Jungian Tarot Guide', helping people from all walks of life. Using the various tools and healing modalities, Tero helps clients to realign themselves with their soul or true north: to reach their true potential, and to bring more Light into their lives.


  • Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor, 2013

  • Academic Associate in Logotherapy with Specialisation in Art Therapy, 2008

  • Registered Nurse, BScN, 2003

  • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and Complementary Medicine with Specialisation in Phytotherapy, 1999

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